Friday, May 22, 2009

Debt Cycle

It was August and somewhere in a small village in the Mediterranean area
it was rainy and dull weather.
The tourist season was bad as well because of the financial crisis.
Everyone has debts.
All of a sudden a rich Russian tourist arrived in the only hotel in the village
and without saying a word put a hundred Euro bill on the desk,
and moved on to find a room on the top floor.
The hotel owner quickly took the money and ran to the butcher to pay his debts.
This one in turn took the money and ran to the pig farmer to pay for his debts too.
The farmer took the money and ran to the factory of pig food to pay for his debts.
The factory manager ran to the village whore to pay for his debts,
and finally the prostitute ran to the hotel to pay for her debts,
as she always used the rooms over there to share with her clients.
After a while the Russian tourist came down the stairs.
He had found no suitable room and wanted his money back,
which the hotel owner handed him.
As a matter of fact nobody had earned a dime,
but everyone was debt free now
and they looked forward more optimistically.


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