Monday, October 31, 2011

The Wonder of Breasts


Beautiful Snapshots Of Animals Reflected In Water

Reflection photography is not as easy as some might imagine. It takes creativity and skill to both see the possibilities and then end up with a fantastic photograph - particularly if your subject is something that's not likely to keep still and behave.

Then again, sometimes animals seem perfectly content to sit quietly in front of their reflections in water; in fact, if these images are anything to go by, they're as vain as the rest of us! They may not be looking into actual mirrors, but many have been caught apparently looking at their own mirror images.

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Iranian Boeing 727 Lands Without Front Wheels


What Ghosts Want To Say


How to be a table


Friday, October 21, 2011

It is illegal to kiss on train platforms in France

In 1910, a law was introduced in France that banned couples from kissing on train platforms to avoid delays and human traffic jams. Oddly, the law is still in force, although no formal penalty is given to kissing couples anymore.


Dust magnified 115 times the real size

Dust magnified 115 times the real size does not look so grey and “dusty” as it does to a naked eye. On the opposite, it looks rather colorful, like a painting. The dust in this photo contains cat fur, woolen and synthetic fibers, bits of plant and animal remains.


Every Possible State of a Standard Rubik’s Cube can Be Solved in 20 Moves or Less

Today I found out that all 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 positions of a standard Rubik’s Cube can be solved in 20 moves or less.

Anyone who is serious about solving a Rubik’s Cube uses some sort of algorithm, or sequence of steps to help them solve the puzzle. There are many different algorithms, varying in complexity and number of moves required, but those that can be memorized and used by a human typically require more than forty moves.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Let Them Go



BOB from Jacob Frey on Vimeo.


Binoculars in the movies


Pizza Delivery Tip

A college student was delivering pizza to a regular customer's house in New York. The guy who answered the door asked him, "What is the usual tip?"

"Well," replied the youth,"this is my first trip here, but the other guys say if I get a quarter out of you, I'll be doing great."

"Is that so?" snorted the man. "Well, just to show them how wrong they are, here's five dollars."

"Thanks!" replied the youth, "I'll put this in my school fund."

"What are you studying?" asked the man.

The lad smiled and said: "Applied psychology."


Iphone 4 Upgrade Kit

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fastest Two-Ball Labyrinth! (World Record)


Magnetic Liquid Hedgehog

Made at Ivanovo State Power University in Russia by ArefyevaTatyana who has more than 25 years of experience studying the synthesis of magnetic fluids.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Japanese Company Creates Super-Realistic 3D Face Replica Masks

This Halloween, don't dress up as someone, or something, else - be yourself! In fact, why not have a few of your friends dress up as you too? Japanese company REAL-f managed to design the most super realistic 3D face replica that you have ever seen.


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Fail. Fail. Fail. Epic. Epic. Epic.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Age Test


Burning calories


Multilingual Man

A Swiss man, looking for directions, pulls up at a bus stop where two Texans are waiting.

"Entschuldigen Sie mich, Sie zu tun sprechen Deutsches?" he asks. The two Texans just stare at him.

"Excusez-moi pour vous faire parlent français?" The two continue to stare.

"parli italiano?" No response.

"¿los di usted habla español?" Still nothing.

So he has a final try: "Tatakalamaani bil arabiyya?"

The Swiss man drives off, extremely disgusted.

The first Texan turns to the second and says, "You know Bubba, maybe we should learn a foreign language."

"Why?" says the other. "That guy knew five and it didn't do him any good."


Three Apples That Changed The World


My Bed